Our company also performs repairs of drivers type PSG-16 (with two plugs) to the injection pump VP44 and repairs of pumps for many types of cars like:

  • Opel,
  • Vauxhall
  • Saab

We are pleased to inform you that our company successfully began repairs of the drivers type PSG-16 (with two plugs) for injection pumps type VP44. Repair of this type of drivers is very complicated and parts needed to repair them are difficult to get, but our company ZIPART GmbH overcome these difficulties and now offers, as a one of few, such repairs. The cost of buying a new pump VP44/PSG-16 and its replacement in authorized service may reach 2,000 EUR and in some cases even 3000 EUR (often the cost of replacing of the injection pump exceeds the value of the car). Repair in our company costs only 400 EUR net and solves the problem as a whole. We believe that this is a very attractive offer. Please do not hesitate to check us out and send us the driver with two plugs to repair. Drivers type PSG-16 occur mainly in cars: Opel Zafira A, Opel Vectra C, Opel Astra G, Opel Frontera B, Opel Omega B, Opel Signum, Opel Sintra engine type Y20DTH, Y22DTR, Saab 9-3, 9-5 engines type Y22DTR.

To help you assess whether your driver belongs to the group of PSG-16 type, below we present the image of the driver PSG-16 from Bosch, in repair of which company specializes.

Bosch driver type PSG-16 No. 0 281 011 055

If the appearance of your driver is twin similar to the one in the photo, you can send it to us and we will diagnose, repair, and test your driver and we will send it back to you.


Each user can easily diagnose the car, signs of damage of the injection pump are very characteristic and can be easily diagnosed by using the diagnostic tester KTS or any other and reading error codes.

We give you the following examples of error codes indicating a damage of the injection pump VP44 with the driver type PSG-16 (with two plugs) in the cars like: Opel, Vauxhal, Chevrolet, Saab, which our company can  repair for you:

  • error code P0149, the description "Adjusting the start of injection"
  • error code P0234, the description "Adjusting the boost pressure"
  • error code P0335, the description "The crankshaft position sensor"
  • error code P0340, the description "The crankshaft position sensor"
  • error code P0400, the description "The exhaust gas recirculation"
  • error code P0602, the description "motor controller"
  • error code P0606, the description "motor controller"
  • error code P1222, the description "injection pump"
  • error code P1600, the description "motor controller"
  • error code P1630, the description "control valve fuel dose"
  • error code P1632, the description "injection pump"
  • error code P1633, the description "injection pump"
  • error code P1634, the description "injection pump"
  • error code P1651, the description "driver injection pump"

In addition to the above error codes, such as: P0149, P0234, P0335, P0340, P0400, P602, P0606, P1222, P1600, P1630, P1632, P1633, P1634, P1651 there may encounter additional error codes, which often occur together with the above ones and are the evidence of the failure of the pump:

  • additional error codes, P0070, P0105, P0115, 0195, P1540, P1603, P1614, P1616, P1811.

If your car has one of the following symptoms:

  1. The engine stopped while driving and you cannot run it,
  2. Sensible loss of power and engine jerking,
  3. Impossible to start the engine,
  4. The engine starts, but when you stop you cannot run it until it gets cold
  5. Possible driving in emergency mode

This all suggests that a driver to the injection pump is damaged,  or what happens much less frequently, it is the damage of the injection pump. Now it is no longer a problem, because instead of expensive replacement of the driver for the one and re-programming it, you can send it to us and we will repair it for you at a very attractive price of 320 EUR net.

Failure of the driver is a fairly common problem in vehicles with diesel engines.

The cause of the damage to the injection pump is in 90% failure of the pump’s driver.

The driver type PSG-16 to injection pump BOSCH may have one of the following serial numbers: 0 281 011 055,  0 281 010 717,  0 281 010 709 and many others, if you are in doubt, please call or e-mail us.

PSG-type controller 16 mounted on the pump.

Dismantling of driver type PSG-16 is not complicated and does not require special permissions. A detailed description on how to do it can be found in our tab “dismantling VP30/44”. The only difference is that in the driver type PSG-5 you disconnect one plug, and in the driver type PSG-16 you disconnect two plugs.

The company Zipart GmbH can now repair the driver type PSG-16 without re-programming the controller. During repair we do not interfere in the driver’s software, so you can be sure that it will be original and compatible with your car.

For repair service of the driver we give 18 month warranty, but the warranty on repair service of the injection pump is 12 months with unlimited mileage.

Repair of Bosch injection pumps type VP44 - the overhaul

The company ZIPART GmbH also repairs drivers PSG-16 to injection pumps which sample numbers are given below: 0 470 504 201, 0 470 504 202, 0 470 504 203, 0 470 504 204, 0 470 504 205, 0 470 504 206, 0 470 504 207, 0 470 504 208, 0 470 504 209, 0 470 504 210, 0 470 504 211, 0 470 504 212,  0 470 504 213, 0 470 504 214, 0 470 504 215, 0 470 504 216, 0 470 504 217, 0 470 504 218, 0 470 504 219, 0 470 504 220, 0 470 504 221, 0 470 504 222, 0 470 504 223, 0 470 504 224, 0 470 504 225, 0 470 504 226, 0 470 504 227- if you have any questions please call or e-mail us.

Bosch type injection pump VP44 No. 0 470 504 204 Bosch with the driver type PSG-16 No. 0 281 010 717

Number plate Bosch injection pump is located on the unit

Bosch type injection pump VP44 No. 0 470 504 204 Bosch with the driver type PSG-16 No. 0 281 010 717

Number plate driver PSG-16 is located on the body

Our new offer is a comprehensive review and, if necessary, repair of the injection pump VP44/PSG-16 mechanically. Repair of the pump involves replacing all seals and replacing all damaged parts with new ones, including piston of the injection timing mechanism, solenoid of fuel dose or membranes. Regardless of the amount of new elements replaced, price for repairing of the pump is fixed and it is 750 EUR net. This is a very attractive offer. After repair the pump is subjected to the full calibration test on the BOSCH test bench.

If the injection pump has been damaged and the cause of damage is a mechanical failure, then we can do for you overhaul of the pump. Repair of the injection pump in our company is based on:

  • Diagnostics of the pump and the driver on the test bench
  • Repair or replacement of the driver to injection pump
  • Diagnosis and possible replacement of the angle sensor
  • Replacement of the piston of the injection timing mechanism
  • Diagnosis and possible replacement of solenoid valves
  • Polishing the inside of the pump
  • Replacement of a set of seals and diaphragms of high pressure
  • Calibration test on test bench.


The price for a complete overhaul of the injection pump Bosch type VP44 with the driver type PSG-16 (repair both mechanical and electronic) is 750 EUR net. In our opinion it is a very attractive price, especially that we give a written warranty for all parts of the pump, without any mileage limit for a period of 12 months.

When your driver has been irreparably damaged or destroyed during opening and unprofessional repair, then we can help you and offer a replacement driver type PSG-16, with identical software, which will work reliably as the original.

The price for a replacement driver type PSG-16 is 450 EUR net.

We would like to mention that companies which have an international VAT number, which can be verified in the database of the European Commission VIES, benefit from the zero rate of VAT, the net price is the gross price.

When sending us the driver type PSG-16, please fill in, print and sign the order form which can be found in the tab "order".

The driver type PSG-16 should be wrapped in bubble wrap or other material that will protect the driver during transport.

Note: the package should contain clearly completed and signed repair order form and  the package should be sent at your own expense to our address:

Chynowska 8
65-138 Zielona Gora

(all details can be found in the pump injectors ORDER tab)

After the order is completed, it will be sent back to you. Inside there will be a repaired driver type PSG-16,  the warranty card and an invoice with payment term of 1-4 days' to our bank account.

Performing the repair of the driver type PSG-16, our company restores their full capacity.

Repairing the injection pump VP44 or driver type PSG-16 in our company saves your time and money.



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