We have a special offer for our regular clients. This is a business contract that guarantees very attractive conditions.

Five benefits of being our business partner:

1. The company ZIPART give business partners 30% discount on all our services.

2. The company ZIPART pay for all return parcels sent to business partners.

3. The repairs done for business partners are done as first.

4. For our business partners, the company ZIPART additionally lowers the prices of our services by the amount of VAT, within trade exchange in the EU.

5. We give our business partners free advice and solutions to all problems with VP30/44 and ABS that appear.

The first condition to sign the business contract is putting the first order and paying for it up to normal rules, and then, if you wish, we send you a copy of partnership contract. The contract is signed for one year and can be prolonged for next years.

Welcome to sign the business contract with us, thanks to the five benefits you will gain an advantage over your competition.


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