The photos present a Hytronic VL300 driver (ECU) and a Hytronic V30 driver (ECU). The ZIPART Ltd. company repairs also ECUs for another Multitronic self-change gearboxes. If you have any doubts, please, call us or send us an e-mail.



HYTRONIC VL300 and V30 ECUs no. 01J927156 HH HT DB J JK produced by Temic control the work of a Multitronic self-change gearbox for Audi and Volkswagen cars. Now our company can repair them efficiently.

Each user can easily diagnose his car. The signs of the damage of a Multitronic self-change gearbox are very characteristic. Below, you can see their description.

If you start your car and you can observe one of the signs:

  1. the ‘PRNDS’ control starts blinking and the gearbox stays in the fail-safe position (limited functions),
  2. 2the gears change independently form the ‘D’ to ‘S’ position while driving
  3. 3you cannot start the car in the ‘P’ position, it is possible only in ‘N’ position.

All the behaviours show that a HYTRONIC VL300 or V30 ECU is broken. Now it is not a problem, because instead of the expensive exchange and reprogramming the ECU, you can send it to us for repair in the very attractive price of 250 EUR net (307,50 EUR gross).

The problem is very common in Audi and Volkswagen cars with a Multitronic self-change gearbox.

Below you can see some examples of codes which indicate the electronic failure of a self-change gearbox that our company is able to repair.

  1. 17090 error code – speed sensor
  2. F125 unreliable signal
  3. Transmission speed – G196, G195 error.
  4. Another errors: the reverse gear does not work or it is totally blocked.

The signs of an ECU damage usually start with disruption – at the beginning it happens once a couple of weeks, however, you should not ignore this as, with time, it changes into a permanent damage.

In 90% cases the reason of a gearbox damage is the failure of a Hytronic ECU in a Multitronic self-change gearbox.

The disassembly of a Hytronic ECU for a self-change gearbox is not complicated and it does not require any special qualifications. A Hytronic VL300 or V30 ECU is screwed directly to the gearbox, and its disassembly and assembly after our repair is very easy. You just need to connect the ECU and it is ready!

The Zipart Ltd. company can repair an ECU for a Multitronic gearbox without the necessity of reprogramming the ECU again. For our service we give a 18-month guarantee without any mileage limit.

When you send us your Hytronic ECU, please, fill out, print and sign an order form available in the Order tab.

Note: the package should contain clearly completed and signed repair order form and  the package should be sent at your own expense to our address:

Chynowska 8
PL 65-138 Zielona Góra

(all details can be found in the pump injectors ORDER tab)


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