We guarantee professional repair of a VP 30 or VP 44 injection pump driver and ABS drivers that restores their full efficiency, parameters and performance. At the same time we give you 18-month guarantee starting from the date placed on a guarantee seal and in a guarantee card. In this time we do repairs without charge and we pay for a return parcel.

Guarantee card on the repair of a VP30/44 driver (specimen):

Zipart Ltd.

ul. Chynowska 8

PL 65-138 Zielona Góra


Tel. / fax: 68 3267305

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Web: www.vp44diesel.de



GUARANTEE CARD NO. ............


1. REPAIR OF THE DRIVER NO.........................


2. DATE OF PRODUCTION OF THE DRIVER...........................


3. DATE OF REPAIR OF THE DRIVER...........................

The company ZIPART Ltd. gives an 18-month guarantee on the repair of the aforementioned diesel injection pump driver that starts with the day when the guarantee card is issued.

Guarantee conditions:

1. The guarantee on the repair starts with the day when the guarantee card is issued. The faults noticed during guarantee time will be repaired without charge in 1-4 work days from the driver’s arrival. In justified cases the time of repair may be prolonged.

2. Guarantee time of the driver being complained is prolonged by the period of its repair.

3. If you notice a fault of the driver, you need to send it at your expense to Zipart Ltd. company’s seat, together with a detailed description of the defect.

4. The company Zipart Ltd. will be absolved of responsibility for guarantee if the noticed defects are caused by reasons different than the ones in previously repaired driver, especially:

- repairs done by the purchaser (removal of guarantee seals),

- mechanical damages,

-wrong assembly of the repaired driver.

5. A condition of maintaining the guarantee is following the recommendations in the instruction of assembly, which is included by the company Zipart Ltd. to the guarantee card.

6. The company Zipart Ltd. reserves the right to technical assessment of possible defects.

7. A condition of guarantee realization is the delivery of the driver with intact guarantee seals and the original guarantee card.

8. The lack of the written description of a defect code causes that the delivered driver undergoes standard tests. If they show no faults, the purchaser will be charged with the cost of the tests.

9. The time of complaint starts with the next work day from the date of the driver’s arrival to Zipart Ltd. company’s seat.

10. Mechanical damages of the pump are not under guarantee, as it concerns its electronic element, i.e. the driver.

11. Each time the cost of delivery is paid by the sender; the shipment of the damaged driver is paid by the client and the shipment of the repaired driver is paid by the company Zipart Ltd.

12. If the guarantee card is lost or destroyed, the duplicate can be issued after the purchaser shows the evidence of the repair, i.e. the bill.


The guarantee card was made in two identical copies.



Zielona Góra, (date) ..............................................

Signature and stamp with the Company’s name


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