A VP 30/44 pump driver or ABS driver needs to be sent for repair in its original condition, i.e. without any mechanical damages such as chips or cracks of its plastic body, which could appear if you try to open the driver on your own.

Unprofessional attempts to open the driver most commonly lead to the damage of its plastic elements and gentle electrics.

For that reason, please, when you unscrew the driver from a VP30/44 pump, or an ABS hydraulic set, secure it immediately from dirt and damage. It is important to secure the driver effectively for transport. Remember to attach the rotation angle sensor of a VP30/40 pump properly and not to bend or twist the tape as its damage is often leads to the exchange of the tape and rotation angle sensor. In such a case the cost of repair may increase by 184,50 EUR gross, so it worth being careful in the issue. When you send for repair an ABS driver, please secure its electromagnet coils with adhesive tape. All details can be found in DISASSEMBLY.

If you are not sure whether your driver is damaged and needs to be repaired, you can order diagnostic testing in our company, then we will test it and inform you about its condition. The cost of the service is 35,67 EUR gross.

The company Zipart Ltd. offers high quality of service and uses modern diagnostic methods.

Our clients’ satisfaction is the greatest award for our work.


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