We offer you the repair of the electrics of a Bosch ABS driver type 5.3, which breaks down quite often.

The ABS driver repaired by our company can be found in many car models, both from Europe and Asia, that’s why we do not enumerate all car models here. To make sure that the broken driver can be repaired by our company, please compare the look of your Bosch ABS driver type 5.3 with the one presented on our website. If your driver is almost identical to the one in our photo, it means that we can repair it for you.

The failure of ABS system is indicated by the proper light in the car, and this is usually sufficient to dismount the ABS driver and send it to us to for repair. However, if you want to be 100% sure, you can diagnose it in a workshop first.

The failure of an ABS driver can be easily diagnosed with the use of a diagnostic computer, e.g. VAG-VAS or KTS 200, KTS 500 and other that is connected to the car with the OBD-2 socket.

If the ABS driver is broken, during the connection with a diagnostic computer you can see the description ‘no communication’.

The description ‘no communication’ means that the ABS driver is broken and should be dismounted, secured in accordance with our instruction (see: ABS DISASSEMBLY) and sent to us for repair.

If the driver is in good working order but some other elements are broken, e.g. the speed sensor in one of wheels, you can see the description ‘the failure of a speed sensor’ , which means that the driver is ok and only the speed sensor is broken and should be exchanged.

The company ZIPART Ltd. does not deal with the repair of the mechanical failures of ABS hydraulic sets and the exchange of speed sensors, however the commonest reason of ABS defect is the failure of the driver, and other reasons, including mechanical damages, constitute only 7% of all ABS hydraulic set failures.

Diagnostics of ABS on our diagnostic tester KTS650 can help you to find the reason of the failure that is not in the driver and requires checking and exchanging elements such as the hydraulic set or speed sensor.

We specialize in the repair of ABS driver electrics because the failure of electrics is responsible for 73% of all ABS defects.

Our company repairs ABS drivers restoring their full efficiency and gives a written guarantee for it.

To make sure that the repair of your car requires the repair of the driver, you need to diagnose the ABS driver with the use of a diagnostic computer.

I you have no possibility to find the reason of the ABS failure, we recommend you to send us the driver to be tested, such a service costs 29,00 EUR net and 35,67 EUR gross.

Repairing the ABS driver in our company you can save a lot of money and troubles.


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