When the order is completed, we will send you a parcel with the fixed driver, a guarantee card, instruction of assembly and bill. The money should be transferred to our bank account in 1-4 days.

When you get the parcel with the fixed driver, you need to unpack it carefully and mount it on the injection pump following our instruction attached to the parcel. The instruction of assembly is also placed below and includes 12 photos and their description. To assemble the driver you need tools such as wrenches Torx 25 and 10 with a magnetic ending, a knife to take off insulation, a soldering iron, solder, heat shrink sleeves, a lighter, protective gloves. It is not necessary to have any qualifications or training as our instruction leads you step by step to success, i.e. the repair of your car.

The way of assembly


01. The tools necessary to assemble the driver:

  • a wrench Torx 25,
  • a wrench Torx 10 with a magnetic ending,
  • a knife to take off insulation,
  • a soldering iron,
  • a solder,
  • 30mm long heat shrink sleeves, 4 pieces,
  • a lighter,
  • protective gloves.


02. The correct placement of the driver on the pump in order to start its assembly. The driver is slightly shifted to enable the access to the rotation angle sensor that needs to be screwed.


03. To screw the rotation angle sensor, be sure to use the wrench Torx 10 with a magnetic ending, not to allow any of the screws to fall into the pump.


04. Fixing the two screws attaching the rotation angle sensor to the body of the pump.

(you cannot forget to place a small original gasket at the point where the sensor is soldered)


05. When the rotation angle sensor is attached, you need to pour the chamber of the sensor with pure diesel to get rid of the air that can be found in the pump’s interior.


06. When the rotation angle sensor is screwed, you need to shift the driver back on its place.


07. When the driver is put on its place, you need to attach the three screws with the use of the wrench Torx 25 to the pump’s body (at this step you need to screw them lightly not to allow the driver to move during further work).


08. Before you connect the driver’s wires with electrovalves, remove the insulation from their endings with a knife.


09. Now cover the endings of the wires with solder (to enable soldering them later).


10. Before you solder the wires, put on them four heat shrink sleeves that should be 4mm thick and 30mm long.


11. Soldering the wires that join the electrovalves.

Attention! You need to pay attention to the corresponding thickness of the wires as all the wires have the same colour and differ only in thickness and placement (2 upper wires are thicker, 2 lower wires are thinner).


12. When the joints are soldered, you need to pull the heat shrink sleeves on them and heat with a lighter to insulate them properly.


13. Fixing the eight screws attaching the cover to the driver with the use of the wrench Torx 25 (the screws should be fixed diagonally in order to put the strength of pushing the driver to the pump’s body equally).

(We marked the order of fixing the screws with numbers.)

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